Топик: Business English, учебник F.W. King, Units 3-6, для специальности Мировая экономика


Ex 2: U r J.duPont…write to the Western Shoe…telling them where u have obtained their name

We have seen your advertisment in Commercial News last week & we believe u produce the models we need.

Today there is a good market in France for your products that will stay the same for at least 3 years.

Would u plz send us your catalogue, price lists & if possible some samples of your models to assure us that they are really competitive.

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We would appreciate a prompt answer.

Ex 3: enquery for a firm, to the Drake Cycle Company,Wellington,NZ. Sports mod.

We saw your new sports models demonstrated at the Birmingham Trade Fair last month & would like to deal with u.

Products like yours are in steady demand here in England & especially high sales are expected for models of 50, both men’s & women’s.

We would be glad to learn details of all models, receive catalogue & price lists from u & to discuss the terms & times of delivery. Are u ready to grant discounts for large & steady purchases? We are also interested in your future supply position for next 5 years.

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We hope to hear from u shortly.

Ex 4: enquery on behalf of u firm to the Yorkshire Woolen Company…

We heard from your agent in London that u produce fine cloth for men’s & women’s suits.

There is a steady demand here in London for fashionable men’s suits & competitive prices provide great sales.

Will u plz send us your price list, catalogue & some patterns of cloth u produce. We’ll discuss the terms of business with your agent.

Since the season will soon be under way, we must ask u to reply by in a forthight from today’s date.

Ex 5: RITESWIFT typeweriters…

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I see from “Monday News” that u are the Paris agent for Riteswift Co Ltd of France.

Will u plz send us your price list & catalogue & also tell us your delivery dates, terms of business & terms of discount.

We would also be glad if u agree to meet our representative in France & show him a sample of your typewriter next month.

We hope to hear from u shortly.

Ex 6: your firm is Swiss manufac. Com. & is in urgent need of certain fittings…

We have heard about u from British chamber of Commerce in Switzerland & would be pleased a lot if u agreed to deal with us.

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There is a brisk demand here for certain products that require certain metal fittings. Our normal suppliers are not able to deliver them urgently so we hope we can obtain them from u as your delivery times are considered to be prompt.

Will u plz send us your price lists & also your terms of business.

We hope to hear from u as shortly as possible as the season will soon be under way.

Ex 7: u have seen an AD in the trade press for small electric motors…

We have seen your AD in Commersant for your products & would be thankful to deal with u.

There is a good market in Paris for our machinery that will continue in at least next 10 years. But we need mini-motors like yours to improve our products.

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Would u plz send us your price lists, catalogues, detailed schemes of your products, inform us about your terms of business, delivery dates & details of discount for placing large & regular orders. We are also ready to distribute your products in France. If u can provide us with big amount of motors.


Ex 8: luxury good before X-mas…

As X-mas will be in 8 weeks, it's going to be a brisk demand here in London for luxury goods.

Our associates in France informed us that they stock a big number of the items we need so we ask u to buy as much products as possible in 2 weeks & send us FOB London all items listed in the enclosure.

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