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Sports Injury Essay, Research Paper

Most sports work on the same concept, whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. There are some exceptions, like golf, where the least points win. Sports can be confusing if you have never played. Once you learn one, the rest come easy. Basketball and football are two sports that have the same basics, but very different styles.

Football and basketball have many differences. Scoring is one of the differences. You can score one, two, or three points at a time in basketball. In football you can score one, two, three, six, or seven at one time. The equipment is a major difference. All you need to play basketball is a round ball, a hoop, and a pair of gym shorts. In football, the ball is oblong. You need a big field, two end zones, tow goal posts, plenty of pads and a helmet. In football you have four downs to get ten yards to get another first down, while marching your way down field to the opposing goal and try to score points. The most points win. In basketball, you dribble the ball down the court and try to make it in the opposing hoop in twenty-four seconds or less. The most points in this game also wins.

Basketball and football are alike in many ways. Both games, the team with the most points wins. They are both split into four fifteen minute quarters with a thirty minute half time. Both sports are great exercise, but are common for injuries. You can substitute players in, in both sports, to keep players from getting fatigue.

There are far more differences between the two games than simalarities. Only five players play at a time on each team in basketball, while in football there are eleven that play at a time. Football is a full contact sport and has many injuries. Basketball is not a contact sport although has its share of injuries. In football when you are charged with a penalty, you lose yards. In basketball, the other team gets to shoot free throws.

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I have played both football and basketball and enjoy both of the sports, mainly in basketball you get sobbed fingers or sprained ankles. Football is more serious with broken bones, hyperextensions, and concussions. If I had to choose which one to play it would be basketball.

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